Friday, December 24, 2010

Exciting News

So, there are two things I need to tell you which are pretty big. Firstly, I have been invited to exhibit in a London Gallery early in 2011, which will be very exciting for an Aussie Girl. It will cost me quite a bit of money, but it is an opportunity too good to let go of. More details as they come to hand.

Also, the painting I posted when I was whining about being in a rut a couple of weeks ago has lifted my spirits by winning first place in the National WetlandCare Art and Photography competition. I painted it for the prize, Wetlands obviously being a subject close to my heart, but I didn't expect to win. So I will probably be going to Canberra, the Nation's capital in Feb to see the exhibition, collect my prize and celebrate World Wetlands Day.


  1. Fan-tabulous Ann. Congratulations. What a wonderful Christmas present and credit to you. We are over in the UK in May/June, so wouldn't it be great if the exhibition was on then? Karen

  2. Thanks, Karen.

    The exhibition will actually be in Jan/Feb so a bit before you are there, but maybe you can still visit the gallery and tell me what it is like! I'll be putting the details up here and on my web when I get a round toit (still haven't got me one of those!)