Sunday, August 28, 2011


Haven't felt much like blogging in the last few weeks - you might have noticed. Life is becoming terrifyingly busy and not in a good way. Puts me in absolute survival mode which leaves little time for fun, or even a little peace. Haven't done much in the way of art work either. Would quite like to crawl into one of the glass-in worlds I have made and escape from reality for a while.

At school I've been asking myself WTF I am doing there a little too often. Hankering to be the artist cloistered in my attic, away from QSA forms, ungrateful adolescents and report card deadlines. Doing my head in. Still, it is coming up to my birthday, which means that the moon should be moving into the seventh house or something and things should start looking up. Hopefully the next blog will be more cheerful.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dragonflies in Domes

Made two more dragonflies in the last couple of months. Not sure where in my brain-space they come from, but they are somethting to do with mysticism and other worlds; creatures that may exist (I'm hoping they do) on the edge of our reality along with other wondrous things that have nothing to do with Stock Market crashes, massacres or helicopters being shot down in Afghanistan. Hope you like them, and hope they take you away from 'reality' for just a little while.