Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where's your mind art?

Sorry for those of you who look in regularly, it's been a month. I did start the year with the ambition to post at least once a week, which I thought was doable considering that good bloggers post once a day. But didn't happen. Largely thanks to the fact that my life is dedicated (against my will) to being a secondary school teacher. Anyway, that is in hiatus at least for the next two weeks.

By the way...if anyone wants to argue to toss about how many holidays teachers get, just be aware that they are necessary to prevent multiple homicides, suicides or other unhealty addictions. My term ended with two hefty adolescent boys going at each other during art class. Took 3 mins and 3 teachers to get them could smell the Testosterone...everyone involved a wee bit freaked out.

Yes, all in a days work for a lowly teacher. Anyway, been doing a bit of automatic drawing again, cause I need to do something creative and I can't quite find the time to get into proper projects. Some results below. Not sure what they say about where my head is at...

Then there was this, which kind of started out as a blotches and blobs and went from there. Not quite automatic drawing, more like semi-automatic, I guess.