Sunday, September 30, 2012

Its all so dry!

I'm sure it must seem like I am terribly slack for not getting back here too often. Trouble is, just the opposite is true - been run off my feet doing some terribly ordinary things, including marking, compiling and documenting 9 year 12 folios during the last week of term, another 300 cubic metres or so of laundry (yes, I'm exaggerating, but only slightly) and the usual grocery shopping, paying bills, filling in know the drill.

As a result, the creativity has been pretty dry, I have to say. So has the weather. Sunny Qld has been living up to expectations and we've had barely a spit for the last couple of months. Spring has not been the usual heralding of life and regeneration. In fact the warmer weather has just turned the gasping plants into crispy brown things and yesterday I saw my first snake of the season in the back yard.

Generally my soul is feeling a little withered. However, I did, amongst all the busyness and madness attend a professional development workshop a couple of months ago making artists books. The books are great to fiddle around with when you get a moment here or there, unlike the 3D work I have been doing. I decided to make the first one about eyes (don't know why) and the second is just playing with watercolour. The photos below are some of the results.