Saturday, June 30, 2018

Turf War.

Apparently, the fairy settlement is not going down well with the wildlife. I found the Queen's house removed from the tree it was located on. My guess is that a possum decided it was in the way of its nightly tree run and kicked it out of the way. I can't say I blame the possum really, it is just like the attempt currently being made by developers to replace local forest with high density housing in the Warner area. Anyway, I have relocated the fairy house to another location that will hopefully not interfere with the wildlife pathways and still work for the fairies. The fairies are keen to look after the wildlife, so I think that they will be fine with the relocation.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fairies II

Looks like the fairy house construction is continuing. This new place is in the fork of a tree just near the washing line and faces the bird bath. Judging from the portico at the front, my guess is that it belongs to the Fairy Queen - she can stand on the balcony and address the rest of the fairies. There are probably more houses out in the forest that surrounds the property, but I haven't gone looking.

Friday, June 15, 2018


So, it looks like the fairies are moving in to the backyard. I think they have always been there and to be honest, I have been expecting to see their little homes pop up ever since we arrived here. They exist in the 'other' space and commune with the the little creatures when we are not looking. Judging by the clock and decoration, I think this first construction is some kind of public building. Clearly they are establishing the foundations of their settlement before they start moving in properly. I expect to see their creations popping up in other places, so stay tuned; I will keep you informed. Meanwhile, there are some other fairies that I managed to capture today when I was out and about.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Friday Chill and Colour

Last night was the inaugural 'Chill and Colour' workshop held as part of the reboot of classes. Essentially the premise is that people get together, book the studio and do some arty things along with some drinks and nibblies as a Friday night wind down. The ladies seemed to enjoy themselves and produced some great work in a limited amount of time. If you are interested in organising a group yourself, contact me at