Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Master of Arts

Really chuffed to have been accepted into the Masters program at USQ. Does the confidence no end of good to get a 'yes' now and again!

I will obviously be studying it by distance (a decision made to fit around work). I am excited to get into some of my favourite topics in life; in particular that whole metaphysics thing. A welcome and timely change from the institutional thinking that is (despite my best efforts) starting to infiltrate the grey matter. Yes, now I will really sound like a looney talking about all sorts of existential ideas, and yes, I plan to inflict it on you good folk!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Memories of the Coast

It is already 2 weeks since we got back from a week's holiday at Caloundra. Of course that was before the big wet and starting back at work, so it is quickly becoming a faded turquoise memory. So am posting a couple of photos that will no doubt inspire some art work at some stage. This is the osprey; its magnificence totally lost on itself, but not on me. I was able to observe the pair who are long time residents of the King's Beach area going about their daily business.

Pretty happy with this photo.


popping in for a bite to eat
gives a new meaning to a takeaway fish lunch

wading cousins