Saturday, April 23, 2011

Moreton Bay Regional Art Awards

I will have two pieces in the MBRAA this year: La Selva Subterranea in the 3D section, of which I have featured pictures on the blog previously, and Feels Like Having the Life Squeezed out of Me, a digital piece which is below. Gee, I wonder where the inspiration for that came from!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back from the Bunyas

Been away at the Bunya Mountains for a week or so on a much needed break. The place is truly a patch of paradise on earth, with its magical forests and many fabulous creatures. Definitely what my soul was hankering for. The only down side is coming back to the 'rat race' at the end of it all. Anyway, the following pics should show you why it is one of my favourite places to be:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Inside the domes

LizCat asked to see photos of what's inside the domes in the pieces I put up a couple of weeks ago, so here they are:

Inside Debutante's dome is a crocheted white dress, with pink & red ribbon, a pink shoe charm, a madonna charm and a glass rose charm sewn to the bottom - indicating the simultaneous innocence of the deb with her flowering as a woman. There is also at the top a silver skull charm, which indicates the dangers that lie ahead and that buying into that whole beauty image thing is to kill off the power of womanhood.

The inside of the La Selva Subterranea dome is my interpretation of the Underworld pear tree from the story in Women Who Run With the Wolves. The handless maiden is able to cross the moat surrounding the tree with the aid of a friendly spirit, and eat the pears which sustain her until she meets the Prince. In my piece, you have to bend down and peer through one of the four windows in order to see the island and tree.

Nearly finished the other piece I was talking about - hopefully some photos soon.