Monday, June 20, 2011


My heart goes out to you if you live in the lower Southern Hemisphere or higher Northern Hemisphere - I don't know how you cope with the very short days of winter. I find it hard to cope with the slightly shorter ones here - definitely need a regular dose of Vitamin D if I have any hope of remaining sane. It is quite chilly here at the moment, but still very mild compared to most of the winters people experience around the world. Mind you we have got close to freezing overnight  - always makes me think of the poor creatures living out of doors in this weather, especially the human ones.

Even when not expriencing snow and ice, or dormant trees, winter in SEQ is still a time of slowing down and dying off. I so needed to get out yesterday and experience some of our beautiful winter sunshine. Picnicked at a local creek - did wonders for the winter doldrums. Pics below.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Work

Feeling fairly stymied at the moment but amazingly there is some new work coming out that I am quite happy with. I have just about completed the 3rd in the Dragonfly series. It is on a lit base (will upload photos when I have some) and covered in a glass dome. The following photos are of the dragonfly - once again based on the preserved seahorse, and yes, I acquired this humanely; do you really think I am going to go diving for illicit seahorses? They come from a place in Tassie that breeds seahorses for the aquarium trade - bit of a casualty rate, apparently.

They are pretty amazing little things, seahorses and just right for my dragonflies.

Meanwhile, I am hanging out for the school holidays. Starting to ask myself 'what am I doing here?' pretty much every day. Some days it seems utterly pointless to be working with kids who really don't give a stuff. But hopefully two weeks off from the end of next week will cure that. A bit anyway.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cool Cat Video

My parents actually sent me this link. Its the kind of thing that will brighten up your day. Seems to me that these creatures recognise each other in some way. Anyway, enjoy! Click on the link below:

Cat playing with dolphins