Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Work

Feeling fairly stymied at the moment but amazingly there is some new work coming out that I am quite happy with. I have just about completed the 3rd in the Dragonfly series. It is on a lit base (will upload photos when I have some) and covered in a glass dome. The following photos are of the dragonfly - once again based on the preserved seahorse, and yes, I acquired this humanely; do you really think I am going to go diving for illicit seahorses? They come from a place in Tassie that breeds seahorses for the aquarium trade - bit of a casualty rate, apparently.

They are pretty amazing little things, seahorses and just right for my dragonflies.

Meanwhile, I am hanging out for the school holidays. Starting to ask myself 'what am I doing here?' pretty much every day. Some days it seems utterly pointless to be working with kids who really don't give a stuff. But hopefully two weeks off from the end of next week will cure that. A bit anyway.

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