Metaphysics and My Favourite Things

Nature inspires me and my art. I love trees, forests, animals, birds, the ocean, creeks and rivers. I am absolutely convinced that the world of nature - the one we live in and amongst - is a portal to other worlds; mysterious, beautiful, spiritual, important worlds. We interact with it and try to control it, but there is always a deeper source of power that nature draws on that we can't really fathom. Perhaps that makes me a bit mad, but if so, I'm happy to be so, along with Lewis Carroll, Tolkein, C.S.Lewis and a host of others. May the maddness continue!

This page will feature photos of some of my favourite patches of nature and her residents - proof, I think, of something more powerful than mere science afoot.

Tasmania, the island state and southern-most land mass of Australia is just such a magical place. With large areas of still-pristine wilderness it is easy to imagine mythical creatures roming the forests or living in the vast dolorite cliffs which stand sentry to the Southern Ocean.

Where I live in Southeast Queensland also has a wealth of beautiful places. Some of them are below.

Then, there are the birds. Everything about them fascinates me from their intricate yet lightweight skeletal systems, the amazing range of feather colours and textures and their uncanny ability to move themselves halfway around the world to find food. Sir David was on to something when he studied 'The Secret Life of Birds'. For me, (and countless others throughout history) these creatures are the manifestation of Spirit. These are some of the Spirits I have encountered, some of them in my own backyard:

And cats...Another mystical creature that, if they allow us, offer a door to the world of magic. My own cat, Matilda, (the ginger) is a constant presence and something of a muse when it comes to my art. I encountered the white one in a gallery in Melbourne. For quite a while, we were the only two entities in the gallery room until a human gallery attendant came and broke the spell. Definitely 'another world' experience for me.