Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feeling better

Just remembered to check the RSPCA's Guardian Angel web page to see who I helped over Christmas. Isn't she a gorgeous girl? Feeling better now. Hope Bella has a happy 2012.

Back to the Grindstone

Really struggling with the whole daily routine this year; in particular, trying to fit in some creativity. Nett result is I am becoming a cranky old bag at home and abroad (just ask the year 7s). I am trying to change that but it seems to be getting harder, not easier. Life is clearly too short to be spending time doing things you don't love, but then there's the minor issue of putting your kids through school. Still, I may have to decide to step back a bit from the whole teaching gig in order to get my life back a bit. Not likely to happen this year though.

Anyhoo, have done some more automatic drawing and this is the result: