Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Just got back from one of my favourite places in the world - Caloundra. My hubby and I had a two night stay there to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. 24 years! It is hard to comprehend, really. Anyway, we had an idyllic couple of days and I got to try out my new camera - results below. It is a weird time of year - just sneaking in before Christmas, our anniversary is easy to overlook. But 24 years is pretty significant and given everything, we are pretty amazed to have made it this far.

Getting back home today is hard to take. I would love to be back at the seaside, investigating the little worlds in the rock pools (yes, that's my foot) or observing the osprey. My soul felt at peace there but now it is feeling heavy with responsibilities and tasks to perform. Perhaps a rest over the Christmas period will make me feel like I can face 2011 with a little more optimism.

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