Saturday, December 4, 2010

Art Ruts

Is it just me, or do all artists get frustrated about the time and energy that 'real' life sucks up? I feel like it is just me lately. Other artists seem to confidently ditch their day jobs and make a living from their art. I am not really in a position to ditch my day job, but it is increasingly encroaching on my time, and more importantly my energy. I have lots of books and advice I can turn to, but what I really want to know is...does anyone else have this problem?

And while I am at there anyone out there? If you drop in please leave a comment - I'd love to feel like there is someone out there. Let me know who you are!

Meanwhile, I recently went back to painting - partly because I miss painting sometimes, it seems easier than all the mixed media 3D stuff and I needed to do something creative while I am in this rut of not seeming to produce anything much worthwhile. So what do you think? Is reverting to an old friend of an artform a backward step or part of the journey?

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