Saturday, December 18, 2010


Well, it is upon us once agian. Christmas. Isn't it difficult to separate the meaning of Christmas from the foil wrapping and tinsel? My journey has led me away from the patriachal Christian Church to an extent, but I still believe in the man - Jesus - because he was clearly an egalitarian. He seemed to favour women and I think the women in his life - his mother Mary and the Magdalene have far more significance than we in western Christianity have ever been allowed to believe.

Anyhoo I could do with a shot in the arm of some kind of Spiritual Energy. Feeling a tad deflated and flat at the moment. Maybe its just end of the year burn out. Maybe its just middle age. Whatever, I hope that the Christmas season proves to be a time of renewal and refreshment for me and for you. Merry Christmas all.

This is my piece, Genesis, a nod to the feminine side of our creation. I am hoping for a Genesis at this Christmas time : a new beginning of creativity, sprituality, hope and happiness. And I wish that for you too.
Have a great Christmas and an even better 2011.


  1. hi your visit to my blog, prompted my visit to yours. i am so glad you stopped by. i love this piece-Genesis. i would like to learn more about it, what was your motivation? what is the base, a frame or a flat canvas? also, how did you attach all the "bling"? glue or small nails?

    I have made several pieces that are similar (i don't know what to call this style of work, but i just love it.) I use wooden animal forms such as fish and ducks, etc, and i use small nails to attach the "stuff" to it.

    anyway, thanks again for stopping by, come back soon. i will do the same.

  2. Hi Rebeca

    thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment - sometimes it is hard to know if anyone is reading your blog, isn't it?

    I love your fish and your boxes. Do you work with other artists in that kind of genre (like you, I don't know what to call it)? There seems to be more people making that kind of thing in your country than mine.

    Genesis kind of evolved from the starting place of the sacred feminine and spirituality of creativity. It is actually a small framed canvas, painted and then with layers of bling embedded in resin. Some of the bling is glued onto the frame or with wire, but mostly it is with the layers of resin, so it is quite time consuming - at least 24 hours between each layer. The resin is great, though. I like to let it nearly set then let it run or pour it so that it looks like water. That's what I did with this piece at the bottom.

    Will definitely drop in again - I love looking at all the great work being made out there. Cheers.