Friday, January 14, 2011

New Work

Last couple of days I have been finishing off two pieces and photographing them - the first of my babies for 2011.

This one is called La Selva Subterranea, which translated means 'journey into the underworld' and is based on a female archetype from Women Who Run with the Wolves. In this tale, the woman loses her hands because her father is tricked by Satan. Thus begins a journey into the underworld where she has to sacrifice and struggle but finds her power and outwits Satan.

The second is called Debutante and considers the joy and sadness, hope and danger, power and struggle for a woman as she comes of age in her journey.

I will be adding these pieces to my website very shortly.


  1. Wow, Ann - I really like these two pieces. I'm intrigued by the domes, in each they signify the woman? I just can't see what is in each of them, would it be possible to have some close-ups of the domes?

  2. Yep, I'll get onto that - I have lots of photos of what's in the La Selva piece, but not so many of Debutante, but will get photos up asap