Monday, January 3, 2011


Feeling a bit old today. Not just because it is post-Christmas and I've been working hard either. Before Christmas, I applied to be part of an emerging artists show. The alarm bells rang then, of course, because I was required to state my date of birth. I was rejected, and I can't help thinking that at least some of that is due to the fact that I am not an emerging artist who would be considered 'young'. Its not the first time, of course that I have been discounted as being too 'old' in my art career, and I'm sure not the last. Being an older female artist is even more of an issue for some, apparently. Its a lot like news anchors, really. Older men in that field are respected for their age and experience, women are considered past their prime. Seems to be a bit similar in the art world.

Oh well, should just hang out with the other crusty old hags who seem to be having very successful art careers. Just remember, you lovely young things, one day, you too will be old. I hope that by then experience (a life fully lived) will count for a bit more than it does now. Probably not.

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