Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brisbane floods

Feeling very weird today. Just a few kilometres away from my home, people's houses are being inundated with water. I am very thankful that my house has been spared, but feel terribly for all those who have lost their homes and businesses, including some of my friends. Worse still, there has been a tragic loss of life with these floods. Even though we still have all our services at this point, it is not possible to continue on as normal. Suffering from some kind of survivors guilt, I suppose. It is quite surreal. Brisbane will need to pull together to get through this, and I have no doubt that will happen. 

Australians do have an uncanny knack of getting over ourselves in times of crisis - as illustrated in the photo below which a technician took in flood waters of Dalby. Normally, the snake would eat the frog, so I like to think there is a bit of that Aussie 'mates helping mates' happening here. A bit delusional in this case, I know, but it is a good image to keep in our heads when we think about what others might need from us right now.

Stay safe, my fellow Queenslanders

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