Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scenic World Stage 2

Stage 2 involved a very long and slightly arduous road trip to and from Katoomba, with 2 days of install sandwiched between. All of the pieces got there in basically one piece and are now hanging in the rainforest on the floor of the Jamieson Valley. I am pretty happy with the result, but it has been huge, and I am exhausted. Shame I have to go back to work on Monday.

These first three pics give you an idea of the location: 1. view from the cable car looking up to Katoomba, 2. view out over the valley and 3. looking down to the bottom station from the cable car.

I think I was pretty fortunate that we had good weather for the install. Standing in the rainforest for 9 hours was hard enough, but add some rain and it would have been horrible. Fortunately, Scenic World employs install teams and the pictures below include some of them - it was their job to climb and wrap the trees so that the sculptures make as little impact as possible. The pics start with the works on the boardwalk waiting for install, and continue to the end result.


Stage 3 is to return to Katoomba next week for the opening and to run a kid's workshop. More photos then.


  1. The Jamison Valley below Katoomba is a place of many moods - the morning mists that creep through the dripping wet forest, the unique vegetation-filtered afternoon light from the immense colored cliffs above, the patches of shivering cold air that seem to suddenly wander across the track.

    One morning on a walk from Katoomba to the Ruined Castle the valley was drowned in the thickest fog I have every experienced. Descending the steps into the abyss felt like entering another world. The fog had kept the rest of humanity in their beds, so I was the solo explorer in an alien landscape. Not being able to see even just a few steps ahead completely altered my senses. Sound, which was distorted by the fog, replaced vision as the dominant sensation. The sounds of even the smallest animals were often startling, seemingly so close but the creators never seen. The only vision was close-up, revealing patterns and detail in rocks, bark and leaves never before noticed. I could even taste the different trees on the moist air.

    And to have come across miniature worlds suspended in that other-worldly forest? There aren't words to describe how extraordinary that would have been!

    1. Thanks, Bruce. I am looking forward to seeing all the other works in situ. Apparently we head back down to the valley for a torchlit view of the exhibition for the opening. Should be magical.

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