Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scenic World Stage 1

Okay, so ages ago I told you about my acceptance into the annual Scenic World Sculpture exhibition, which is held (funnily enough) at Scenic World, Katoomba. Stage 1 is to make the damn work, which is titled Elimatta, an aboriginal word meaning 'Our Home'. It consists of 20 little worlds in glass containers which will be hung from trees as a cluster in the forest. Stage 1 is done, Stage 2 commences on Saturday when we head off to Katoomba to install. Freaking out a little bit. Aside from the distance and inconvenience to my family, I am worried about the stuff breaking and not being easy to hang, etc. But then I have been freaking out pretty thoroughly for the last few weeks, struggling to get the thing done according to rules about not interfering with the forest too much and juggling that with an assignment due for Uni.

Anyway, I will endeavour to update you with all it all as it progresses, and there will also be updates on the Scenic World Website. In the meantime, here are some photos of some of the pieces:



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