Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stories from around the House

For the last week, I have been suffering from a rather prolonged sinus infection. I am blessed with some fairly dodgy anatomy in the sinus area, so no big surprise, but it doesn't seem to want to let up any time soon - now on my 2nd lot of antibiotics.

I have been dragging myself off to work, which is rather stupid in hind sight and keeping a very low profile on the weekends. The up side of that is that you get to notice what is going on in your own back yard a bit more, so I thought I'd share a few things:

One morning I went outside for a dose of vitamin D. It had rained overnight and everything was coated in sparkling drops of water. On some plants the sun was shining through the drops creating a magical jewel-encrusted display:

Yesterday, when in the bathroom, I noticed a funny dark smudge above my bedroom window which on closer inspection turned out to be a tiny bat. We get flying foxes blow through all the time, but I have never seen one of these 'micro' bats around, even though there are allegedly a dozen different species in the area. I was worried enough about the little creature to call the wildlife people, who told me it was probably a juvenile male who are often kicked out of the colony at this time of the year and equally often pick pretty stupid places to sleep. The lady said that he would probably fly off that night and would hopefully choose somewhere more suitable for sleeping the next day. Sure enough.

Its impossible to tell what species of bat it is in my photo, but you can clearly see its tiny feet clinging to the top of the wall. Visits from these kind of folk are a great comfort to me. They are like a reassurance from the Great Creator, that She/He is thinking of me.

Another creature that gives me comfort is of course my Matilda. She is so clearly living in between two worlds: our world and the mysterious other world that she often pops off to. Isn't she cute?


  1. She is gorgeous, Ann, and that bat - so tiny! We're down in Balranald, far south-western NSW, helping my mum ready her house for selling. Down here we enjoy sights not often seen up in northern NSW, like mice running across the road (huge mouse plague), rabbits the same, and a road sign warning of lyre birds!

  2. Plagues are not good even when they are cute like rabbits! Of course in Qld, our plague is far from cute. Cane toads must be the ugliest creature on the face of the earth.

    Good luck with selling your mum's house. Hope you get to see a lyre bird - could be compensation for the millions of mice and rabbits.