Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Work

Finally finished the piece I have mentioned before - it is titled Phoenix Rising from the Fenced in World of Perpetual Experience. I am inspired by the INXS song which includes the lines 'cos we all have wings, but some of us don't know why'. I have come to the way of thinking that sometimes it isn't so much that we don't know why we have wings - more that we have forgotten, or that we are unable to take off. I think women are much more at risk of losing the ability to fly than men in this world of perpetual experience. Anyway, pics below:

The other piece I have just completed is The Royal Nursery, which began with a wasps' nest I found empty of its inhabitants, and just begging to become part of some art piece. It is my salute to the magical creativity that happens out there in our natural world.

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