Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wet State, Wet Mood & WetlandCare

Have to confess, I've been avoiding the blogosphere since I started back at work, mainly because I am not having a good time and any new blog is likely to turn into a whingefest (sorry). In fact, I am not sure I can keep hanging in there for much longer. The problem is not so much the kids - they're fine, great even. I just can't bear the politics, the power games and the chest-thumping that goes on. It is really playing on my nerves and is taking too much time and energy from my art. Then there is the residual sense of loss and chaos caused by a month of unprecedented natural disasters in the state of Queensland where I live. Of course, compared to the victims of same, I have nothing to whinge about, but it is still hard to keep smiling.

The one good thing this week was that I took two days of f to go to Canberra to collect my award for the National WetlandCare Art prize. It was a good night, with some great art work, but stinking hot - NSW has been having a heat wave - maximums of 38 - 39 while I was in Canberra which is normally not hot at all. And it gave me a chance to catch up with my brother who took the pictures of the event below (that's not him in the pic - that's a guy named Noel from one of the Catchment Management Authorities).

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