Sunday, July 7, 2013

Semester Break

So, like some of you, I am currently on a semester break from Uni, having completed semester 1 and waiting on the final results and have just enrolled in semester 2 courses. I have enjoyed my semester one, despite having to fit it in around work and Minister for Everything duties at home - learnt alot, about myself as much as anything, and have emerged even more of a rampant feminist/pagan, than I was before. Who knows what I will have turned into by the end of next year. Meanwhile, here are some photos of a project I undertook for one of the courses. The piece is entitled Persephone, referring to the Goddess of the same name, and in a nutshell is about the Divine Feminine, along with womens' roles. If you want the longer explanation of what it all means and where it all comes from, am happy to pass on the 2000 word statement that went with.

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