Monday, October 11, 2010


What do they say about rainy days and Mondays? Today is the double whammy - Monday, and we are experiencing what the weather people call a weather 'event'. A low pressure system is sitting over our heads which means it has been bucketing down for the last 24 hours. Just to make it even more fun, I have to drive across town, dodging road closures and flash flooding to front up at the accountant and get my tax done. Great. Needless to say, my inner artist is descending into a fit of thumb-sucking despair. I don't think I have mentioned that as well as being an artist, I am also a part-time art teacher at a local secondary school. Mostly it is good: I love being with the kids and watching them develop their creativity. But the politics and the 'institutionalised' mentality depress the hell out of me. Got to sort out a few 'issues' today along with everything else. Not a good start to my week, all in all. Must do something to cheer myself up. Some art work would do it - but will I manage to get into the studio?

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